Advanced 3D technology for architecture and archeology,
survey and design of urban and suburban areas
and the reliefs and communication projects:

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Before the advent of 3D laser scanners, BIM and Advanced 3D models, topographic (morphometric),
architectural and archaeological surveys were the prerogative of topographers, mostly surveyors.

Today the GeomaticsCube Ecosystem technologies expand the possibilities of the designers.

In fact, the professional is able to realize 3D models independently, quickly and easily,
enrich them with information and content that traditional surveyors do not possess,
and take advantage of this in the design and comunication activities.


The GeomaticsCube Ecosystem project contemplates the realization of “training on the job” courses,
done directly on real projects of our customers and partners.

Advanced 3D technologies for architecture and archeology:

  • EasyCube LIM
    stand-alone software for the complete management of 3D surveys,
    starting from the importation of the laser scans, up to the
    realization of the Advanced 3D model (LIM – Lidar Information Model).

  • CloudCube
    AutoCAD plugin, designed as a completition to EasyCube LIM, to take advantage
    of all the modeling and 2D management functionalities of the world’s most popular CAD.

  • RhinoCube
    Rhinoceros plug-in, designed as a completition to EasyCube LIM,
    to harness the powerful 3D solid modeling tools offered by Rhinoceros.

  • EasyTexture
    Stand-alone software, designed as a completition to EasyCube LIM, for the creation
    of the PDM (Photo 3D Model) better known as 3D photogrammetric models.

  • EasyCube PRO
    Stand-alone software developed to take full advantage of the uniqueness
    offered by the Advanced 3D models to support design activities.

Informative 3D technologies for surveying and designing urban and extra-urban areas:

  • CloudCube
    CloudCube includes the functionalities of 3D Utilities: an AutoCAD plugin
    for the production of Informative 3D models (both design and survey models)
    starting from farious types of instrumentation and 3D cartographies.

3D technologies for the communication of surveyings and projects:

  • EasyCube TS
    EasyCube TS: stand-alone software that supports the communication
    of projects with images and videos of visual simulations
    (also in VR mode) easily produces also by non-expert 3D users.
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  • Training on the job
    Our know-how and twenty years of experience in various fields allows us to offer,
    bundled with the technologies we mentioned above, 3-day training courses on the
    GeomaticsCube Ecosystem technologies (max 5 users, done in our offices) and subsequently,
    on demand, the assistance of our professionals in the advancement of your projects.

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